Our Faith in the Future

Quaker Values 2023

"Our faith in the future" paints a picture of the future Friends hope for.

By sharing this picture of our future we help to bring it about.

The six themes of Our faith in the future leave each Quaker individual who are part of this Meeting meeting free to discern where they are today and then decide on what attitudes and actions they need to take take their part of the yearly meeting closer towards this vision.

It offers a simple and clear point of reference, a touchstone for all of us.

Facing turbulent times, Quakers in Britain seek a future where our lives speak.

Meeting for worship is the bedrock of living as a Quaker

In worship we become one with the Light, the Spirit, with each other and with our true selves. The Light is the source of strength and guidance for all we are and do. Our way of worship is open to all, and we are making it more widely known.

Quaker communities are loving, inclusive and all-age

All are heard, valued and supported both in our needs and our leadings. Everyone's contribution is accepted according to their gifts and resources. All are welcomed and included. There are clear and effective ways of working together on shared concerns. Fellowship and fun strengthen the bonds between us, enhancing a loving community.

All Friends understand and live by Quaker discipline

Our discipline is actually 'Letting go and letting God': not 'Thou shalt' nor 'I will' but 'What does Love require of us?' It works when we understand it and practise it. Because we understand it, we can share it with others. Our values guide us, but we respond and resonate to what they mean for each of us personally.

Quaker values are active in the world

Our lives speak peace, equality, respect for the earth and all its inhabitants. We offer friendship to all and solidarity to the marginalised. We speak truth to power with love. We hold those in power in the Light. We find creative and nonviolent ways to get our message across. We are in this for the long haul; we're not afraid to take risks. We are called to live in the place where our 'deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet'.

Quakers work collaboratively

We are well aware that we can't put the world to rights all by ourselves. We value the important work of others. By engaging with them we are already changing the world. We want to break down barriers; we refuse to prejudge who is or is not an ally.

Quakers are well known and widely understood

We are active in our local communities, reaching out in friendship, making more use of our meeting houses for events and for renting or lending out. All members are ready and equipped to explain our Quaker way confidently and clearly to anyone who asks, as well as to speak publicly on issues of concern. We share our practices as appropriate and make full use of relevant media to reach out widely. In an increasingly divided world, we try to offer 'patterns and examples' of a caring community.