A large meeting room with plenty of chairs, light from both sides and good accousytice.


Welcome to Shrewsbury Quakers

Meeting for Worship is at 10.30am each Sunday in the main Meeting Room.  This is silent, contemplative worship, without any creed or script to follow. You will find a welcomer at the door. Let them know it's your first visit and they will show you where the Meeting Room is and show you where to find information, leaflets and a small copy of Advices and Queries.

Quakers offer a form of worship that is distinct from other faiths. Besides meeting other like-hearted people, Quakers offer an invitation to wait and listen in the company of others who have gathered together. We gather in silence and listen openly-heartedly to whatever thoughts arise, wherever they arise from.  We may feel that our own thoughts in peace and stillness with a group of like minded friends is important, or moving, or just plain relaxing. We might also feel thoughts that seem rare, unusual, inspired in their nature.

A quote on Silence from William Penn

How you describe the origin of these thoughts is your choice, according to your beliefs. It is called the wisdom that comes through silence. Some call it The Light, God, Higher Self - whatever name you prefer to use. We all know what you mean, and your choice is respected. The encounter may come through spoken word, a song, a smile, or through the silence itself.  All ages and experience are equally able to stand and offer their thoughts as 'ministry', that is to speak if they feel led to do so, using their own authentic language and terms, without fear of argument or resistance. This experience can help first-time visitors and new attenders find meaning in the profoundly spiritual way we worship.  The meeting ends with the traditional handshake between two elders, and we all shake hands with our neighbours.

After the meeting, we usually serve coffee, a variety of teas, and biscuits. Do stay and tell us about yourself and ask any questions you may have. There is no charge, but you are welcome to make a donation if you wish - some like to contribute, some don't or can't, and that is completely accepted.

We also have friends calling in to the meeting by Zoom  on the first and third Sunday of each month, and you may prefer to join the meeting that way. For further information about Zoom meetings or to discuss Quaker friendship, please use our contact page.

In Shrewsbury, we also have an Experiment with Light Group - a very special contemplative guided meditation.

Please see information on the Light Group page, or use our contact page if you are interested in learning more or just coming along.

The main Meeting Room set up for twenty-four people in a circle


Meeting for Worship

You are invited to meet with Quaker Friends and join us in expectant waiting and spirit-led ministry. The silence of worship is not a passive silence.  We are actively seeking a glimpse of the Divine. The special discipline of the Quaker way is to listen with more than our ears. We listen for a voice that speaks not only in words, but also in gentle tugs on our hearts, images, and insights arising in our minds, in the beauty our eyes behold, and the gratitude we feel. So come to meeting expecting to listen, and perhaps, to be transformed.

Quaker Faith and Practice - Advices and Queries

The deeply spiritual nature of our worship is one reason it is important to have materials to explain Quaker worship. Quaker Faith and Practice was first published in 1738 in manuscript (1783 in print), but is revised every generation.  Its first chapter introduces Advices & Queries (A&Qs) which are available as a small booklet, and forms a useful introduction to the Quaker way of life.  There will be a copy on the central table and you can read this during the meeting, perhaps out of interest, but especially if you find the silence difficult at first.



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